Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Bracelet (Value Pack 10) - Repellent Man®
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Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Bracelet (Value Pack 10)


  • up to 120 hours of long lasting protection
  • all natural deet-free ingredients including citronella oil
  • slow-release technology to repel annoying mosquitoes
  • child safe so the whole family can be protected
  • suitable for most activities including hiking, swimming, shopping, sleeping etc
  • water resistant so keep it on for swimming, when it rains, during a shower etc
  • soft and thin microfiber material that’s not bulky
  • adjustable size for a tighter fit

Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary slightly from colors shown on your monitor.

mosquito repellent microfiber bracelet Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 35 reviews
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Reduce your risk of getting mosquito bites! Tested and approved by the Repellent Man™.

Great Great Great

5 5 1
I am so glad I found these. My daughter is a part of her college marching band. Summer band camp in AR is brutal. The heat and bugs while practicing twice a day in the grass. Spray and lotions gunk up, sweat off, and don't last. She doesn't try to stretch 7 days. She only does 3 because she's outside sweating for so long. They are life savers.

This is a great product that does work well

5 5 1
I found that the effects of these bands do wear off if used for a complete day. Simply placing them back into the bag over night recharges them, and they seem to work just as good the next day. The variety of colors makes children want to wear them which is a good thing as mosquito borne illness is nothing to scoff at. Pros: Re-usable when placed back into the sealed bag overnight. Real protection that actually works. Attractive style that looks good when on, and makes kids want to be protected when playing outdoors. When combined with mosquito repellent with DEET, you will not have to worry at all about getting bit at all. Cons: Realistically you need to wear more than one for protection in the deeper woods.

Works great, even for a "mosquito magnet" lie me!

5 5 1
I am that person that is constantly bothered by mosquitos, even when no on else gets a single bite so I was skeptical at first. I put 1 on my ankle and one on my wrist and sat out by the campfire as usual. Much to my surprise I was not bothered by the mosquitos at all! They do have a strong smell, but it is citrusy and not unpleasant in my opinion. They are very lightweight and comfortable, not hard an stiff like I expected. I like the bracelets much better then greasy, smell sprays. I would feel safe using them for children as well. Very please with these repellent bands!

Great smelling.

4 5 1
These aromatic repellent bands smell wonderful. They are adjustable so they are able to fit adults and children. They have their own pouch to keep them all together. This is the perfect product for anyone susceptible to insect bites and travel friendly to have available when you need them.


5 5 1
This is perfect for use to prevent from mosquito bites. No one needs to spray over body anymore. It came in a bag of 5, They are not individually wrapped. So please reseal the bag for unused ones. For me it is ok, My family will use all 5 in one time. The bracelet is waterproof also. Therefore, it is good fot water park per se. Each one is good for 5 days max. Nice investment. Recommend,

I'm mosquito bait

4 5 1
It's full-blown skeeter season here and I'm always their buffet. For some reason, I'm always the person they go for...and I'm somewhat allergic to them, which makes their bites even more miserable. I like that the bands are soft and highly adjustable. They do have a very strong smell to them, but that's what's supposed to keep the mosquitoes away, so I can't complain about that. I did actually see a few flying around and leaving without landing on my, it appears that some mosquitoes are more offended by it than others.
What's Included

10 mosquito repellent microfiber bracelets. Assorted colors.

Active Ingredients

Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus oil