Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Bracelet (Value Pack 10) - Repellent Man®
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Mosquito Repellent Microfiber Bracelet (Value Pack 10)


  • up to 120 hours of long lasting protection
  • all natural deet-free ingredients including citronella oil
  • slow-release technology to repel annoying mosquitoes
  • child safe so the whole family can be protected
  • suitable for most activities including hiking, swimming, shopping, sleeping etc
  • water resistant so keep it on for swimming, when it rains, during a shower etc
  • soft and thin microfiber material that’s not bulky
  • adjustable size for a tighter fit

Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary slightly from colors shown on your monitor.

mosquito repellent microfiber bracelet Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 35 reviews
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Reduce your risk of getting mosquito bites! Tested and approved by the Repellent Man™.

handy bug bracelets

5 5 1
I bought these for our kids to use while at camp. Throughout the summer, our kids spend as much as 7 weeks at camp. Bugs, uhgg. These are cute. They come in a pack with several difference colors My oldest likes the blue and youngest the greens and reds. With these lasting most of 2 weeks at a time, it's great because they can use just one for a 1 week long camp and 2 for their 3 week long camp. It's much simpler to just wear these then to always remember to use bug spray. That said. my oldest as bug spray too to us when he feels the bugs are worst or they are going more into the woods. For everyday/evening at camp these bracelets are perfect for helping to make it better.

They really works!!

5 5 1
Wow! It really works! I was a little bit skeptical when I first got these wristbands. Yeah, they smell strongly of citronella (which I think its quite pleasant) but I didn't have too much faith in them. Well... today I wore one of them to trim my hedges, usually within a few minutes of gardening, I would get at least 2 bites and would hear the mosquitoes buzzing near my ears. Not this time! Not a bite! Then it started to rain and I stopped. I resumed the gardening after the rain and by that time, you can actually see the mosquitoes buzzing around the bushes. I could hear them occasionally but when I waved my arms then the buzzing stopped (they went away). After an hour, yep, a WHOLE HOUR, not a bite anywhere and I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt the whole time and did not use any other bug repellent at all. To say I am impressed is an understatement. After 2 hours of wearing that wristband, it still have a strong smell and I put it back in the ziplock bag it came with to preserve it for another time. The bands have ample length so it would fit even putting on the ankles. The instructions said you can wear more than one band to ward off the mosquitoes but from my experience, one is quite powerful. The only ingredient is citronella oil, no weird chemicals.

Cool item. I hate sprays so I end up ...

4 5 1
Cool item. I hate sprays so I end up spending most time inside. I like that these bracelets are "snapped" on which means you don't have to keep them on your wrist and can place them where its most comfortable and safe when it comes to my grandson. A resealable bag where you don't have to get rid of them right after you use them and keep the ones you haven't used yet it a great help. Lightweight and love the lemon scent.

Safe, effective and you don't even realize you have it on.

5 5 1
Perfect description and the R Man Mosquito repellent bracelets work better than I had hoped. You can usually tell something is working by you can see it do with these you forget their working because somethings not happening.. I walked a farmers market held in a large grassy area that had mud puddles and was wet due to the sprinklers watering in the pre-dawn hours. It wasn't until I noticed other people getting bit and kids complaining. I both of us put one of these on before we left home we walked around for well over an hour and she was in shorts and neither could remember a mosquito even landing on us. These have very little odor and you forget you have it on their a very soft microfiber with a plastic button type closure so their comfortable. The piece of mind these offer is priceless with West Nile so wide spread and the Zika virus making it's way here protection is a absolute must. You put one of these on take normal pre cautions and both of us at least felt safe and know being proactive has great rewards. We can put these on our granddaughters stroller swing or whatever she using at the moment and feel comfortable knowing she's being protected and their totally safe that,s a great feeling.

opened the package was that they're all sorts of fun colors! I liked the material as well

5 5 1
I liked the material as well. It's soft and not uncomfortable. It's adjustable so wrists of any size can wear them. The smell is not very strong which is a big seller for me. I have a problem with mosquitoes in my backyard at night when I'm watering my garden. I come into the house when I'm done with at least 3 or 4 bites. I tried it out last night and it worked! No one bit me! 😀

Love the deet free options

5 5 1
This summer our family has tried many brands and types of mosquito repellant bracelets. These bracelets work just as well if not better than all of the others we have tried. The material is nice and soft and the closures work well. We have found with any brand bracelet like these, if you are in a heavily infested area, it works better to wear one on your wrist and another on your ankle. These types of bracelets have been a lifesaver through little league and I'm sure they will also be very useful during football season.
What's Included

10 mosquito repellent microfiber bracelets. Assorted colors.

Active Ingredients

Citronella Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus oil